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I just wanted to thank were very kind and your advice and well wishes were extremely helpful and inspiring. I want you to know that you are a wonderful person. I hope the very best for you. I truly do! I will probably make another appointment with you soon next year. (Can't wait!)        

J.K., Sacramento 

"Thank you so much for this. You gave me so much. I am glad we met. Thank you for the strength. You are a hero, and continue helping people."

A.L., Thailand

"Well, everything you said that would happen happened at the time you said it would. My 6 month reading is all checked off on my list - I'd love to do an in person session." 
T.H., San Francisco

"Before I met with you, I was so lost. Didn't know where my life was going with people, with love, with school or work. Nothing was going right, I felt like I could trust no one. But now I am more confident...and things will be better. I know my life is already changing. Thank you again for sharing your advice with me."
C.C., Ontario, Canada

"It was a great pleasure meeting you and the session with you was truly inspiring. I thank you for your compassion and human kindness you expressed which was sincere and non-judgemental. That meant more than words can express."

A.O. , San Francisco

"The work you do is quite remarkable and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you. I can't thank you enough"
M.S., SF Peninsula

" of the only things that is giving me hope and helping me to be positive is your readings." 
T.L., Vancouver, Canada

"You're absolutely amazing! I just want to take a little time to let you know that I just received a job offer...and guess what it starts exactly at the 6 week mark that you foretold in my fortune! How incredible is that!?"

M.D., Oakland

"You're last reading was uncanny!"
K.O., Los Angeles

"Thank you once again, I greatly appreciate meeting you. For the past few months I was feeling overwhelmed; nearly depressed. After speaking to you, I feel this weight lifted; I felt a great sense of peace, happiness, and good energy. Since Friday, this was the best weekend in a very long time. I thank you for that." 
C.G., Berkeley 

"I had a fortune done just a couple of months ago, but it was so accurate, I am too inpatient to wait longer for another one! I'd like it done by email again!"

R.K., Santa Rosa

"So everything you said came 100% true. Do you have time later for a reading for two individuals? Thank you!"

M.H. San Francisco

"I wanted to thank you for everything you have spoken to me about today. You went above and beyond your reading and I truly appreciate that. What you are trying to accomplish is a wonderful thing! It was a pleasure speaking with you and I will keep in touch. Thank you for believing in me."  

E.C., Florida

"It was really refreshing speaking to you and I can tell you have a big heart and truly care about the people you work with. I really appreciate all the advice you gave me during our (Skype) call." 
K.S., San Francisco 
"It was really my pleasure to meet you (via Skype). You are such a kindhearted and warm person and you are doing an amazing job helping people to live a more meaningful and happy life."
A.R., Sunnyvale

"I must say that you are extremely talented and blessed with a great gift. I hope you continue to help advise many people seeking advice. I will continue to stay in contact with you in the near future. Thank you, so very much for your time and kindness."

E. S., Massachusetts

"Been listening to my audio, eerily accurate! Wish I could get another reading..."
P.A., San Francisco

"I wanted to say a sincere thank you for today and making the time to see me. It was fortunate (pardon the pun). I was especially grateful for your advice around how to find meaning and how to deal with the past. You gave me two such simple things yet so profoundly insightful that will help me grow. You are a kind and gifted man as evidenced today and I can't wait for our next encounter."

D.W., Sydney, Australia

“Thanks again for your amazing reading! I keep listening to it! :D”

M.D., San Mateo

"I felt inclined to express my deep gratitude for your wonderful gift. Your qi energy flow reading seems right on and already put so much into perspective for me. I truly feel it was exactly what I needed at this moment." 
A.W., San Francisco

I just listened to the recording you sent me and it gave me such hope and a sense of peace about what's to come! It was so nice to meet you on FaceTime."

L.H., Hawaii

"I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and I am grateful to have met you when I did - I can't thank you enough for your time, compassion, and guidance through this and it means a lot to me."

D.R., New York

"Thank you for your previous reading... Everything you mentioned in the reading was accurate. it guided me in my decision about my work and life.

N.C., East Bay

"About 6 months ago you provided me with a very accurate fortune...We moved to a new condo, just as you predicted. We are very happy here....I'd like to schedule another (fortune)." 
M.N., San Francisco

"(We)...are very ecstatic about all that you said during your reading and things are moving along from what you have read from the Mah Jong tiles."

R.C. San Jose

"I feel nurtured by your support and presence and have listened to your audio reading and guided visualization several times. It's always been empowering, calming, and brings me back to myself.

C.N. North Bay

I am struggling to find the words of appreciation I want to give you.  Your wise advice resonated with me on such a deep level. I've done A LOT of professional therapy to work through issues, but somehow the way you were able to express ideas about first family and attraction to people really had a feeling of hitting home.I feel so fortunate to have been able to receive your kind, compassionate wisdom and experience your gentle spirit.  Thank you.
H.J., SF Peninsula

"So over two years ago, I was a complete mess (unemployed/love life sucked) and I was basically at a really bad breaking point in my life where I needed clarity. I'm not a true believer in psychics, but I came across Wanugee on yelp and decided to give him a try. Today was my fifth session, and every piece of guidance he's given me has come true in every aspect of my life - career, love life, living situation, unforeseen trips, and ultimately my self development. I've encountered many obstacles/triumphs and Wanugee has seen me grow and develop into a better person. His tile readings are meant to be self reflective, it's up to you to create the energy and determine the outcome. Wanugee has brought so much positivity and guidance into my life, he has truly been my light at the end of the tunnel. I'm excited to see how the next couple of months will unfold! THANK YOU!" 💕🔮😘 @wanugee

L.W., San Francisco